Monday, January 4, 2010

Oxford Comma

January 4th, 2010, 09:24:00

Day 3: Wroxton College, Wroxton, England, UK

Faculty reading last night - Ellen Akins, Walt Cummins, David Daniels and Tom Kennedy. Had a pint following the reading at the North Arms pub with some of the professors and students. The pub was a quaint place, with a really lovely staff. I'm finding myself spending more time with the faculty than the students this residency. They have infinite wisdom and anecdotes to impart on the subject of writing and I'm finding myself more and more drawn to the idea of getting something published. For now, the term writer is only used loosely when applied to myself. I fancy myself a writer and I do write, but as far as sharing it with anyone else, I'm sorry to say I haven't. I think I've put all my stock in the idea of publishing a great novel, but in the mean-time, it might be nice to get some short stories in print and start establishing my name and presence in the writing community. If I have any New Year's resolutions, other than being happy and healthy, it's to get something out there.

Nothing much to report today. Got my bank issue resolved yesterday, had a big breakfast in the dining hall this morning and I'm headed to my first class of the day in about forty minutes. I wish I had more time to write, but the only significant periods of free-time are at night. Maybe it will mean sacrificing socializing at the pub and isolating myself up in my room for a night or two. The residencies always leave me energized and with a renewed zest for writing, but no actual time to write.

We have a half day tomorrow and some of us are headed to Oxford. Our first full day off, Friday, will be spent in London. I'd love to see the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, ride a double-decker bus...all the touristy things. I usually like to explore off the beaten path, but seeing as how we only have a day, I'd like to experience the parts of London most people associate with London.

Two anecdotes:

Last night at dinner yielded this gem: Tom Kennedy to Renee, after she gave him the cherry from her cake - "You gave me your cherry. I want to meet your mother."

Also, Sean finding notes inside his desk about sightings of a ghost, dated several years apart, in different hand-writing. "The ghost is by the dresser again. He is wearing the same thing as last time." And the final note: "Don't piss the ghost off."

More later...

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